Coconut oil is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient. It is most often used for preparing Asian dishes and frying meat. However, it can also be applied in beauty treatments and has many properties that are beneficial to our health.

The proven methods of our mothers and grandmothers of improving health are becoming increasingly popular. One of such measures supporting health is chokeberry juice. It should be prepared according to a traditional recipe, just after the first frosts when chokeberry fruit lose their acidity. Why is that? Chokeberry juice possesses a lot of valuable ingredients for our health and also helps to prevent many diseases, including atherosclerosis and certain types of cancer.

Corfu is a popular island in the Mediterranean. Due to its incredible scenery, it is often called the queen of the Ionian Islands. Its marvelous clean beaches and beautiful weather attract many tourists each year. It is recommended especially as a holiday destination for families and those seeking respite from the stress of everyday life. But is Corfu just beautiful beaches? Of course not. The island offers many more interesting attractions.

Foreign trips to the south of Europe, or even to exotic countries, have lost their charm for many people, mainly because they have become so widely available. So what can we do if regular trips and vacations by the sea are not enough for us anymore? An interesting idea might be to go on a cruise. The offers of travel agencies and individual carriers are quite diverse. Virtually everyone will find something for themselves. Which proposals are the most interesting and popular?

Autumn is considered to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. A dazzling array of colours, beautiful sunshine and still quite high temperatures make it perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors. But autumn brings also cool, foggy mornings, grey weather and strong winds. All this can adversely affect our skin, which has not yet recovered from summer sunbathing. So how should we take care of our facial skin during the autumn to protect it from adverse external influences?

Autumn is the time of year when we often have mood swings. The so-called autumn blues are difficult to get rid of using traditional methods when it’s grey outside and raining. But there’s one solution that always works – a relaxing bath. What kind of baths are recommended especially during the autumn? Here is a list of our proven suggestions for anyone who wishes to relax after a hard day.

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